MONTTA CONCRETO is a self-drying, trowel applied finish for walls
and floors both in interior and exterior.

For floors we use a three component polymer modified product, which
can be emulsified in water and can be colored, suitable for decorative
coatings with 1-3 mm thickness on request. For walls we have an option
of polymer modified product for wet areas and a natural lime product for
dry areas.

The naturalness of raw materials, combined with research technology,
allows the creation of continuous surfaces which are in harmony with
the living space.

It allows modernizing existing surfaces such as old tiles, providing more
abrasion resistance than traditional systems such as micro cement. It can
be used to produce a high-end contemporary creative cement surface in
areas such as retail stores, shops, hotels, caf├ęs, vestibules, and
residential applications.

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